Learning and Development for Australia’s
Leaders and Teams

What does Thinka do?

Thinka is a learning and development business that trains leaders and teams in organisations all around Australia.

With a focus on developing soft skills (or what we call ‘human skills’) and workplace culture, we build learning that’s focused on application and making social change.

We offer a range of solutions from leadership programs, workshops and coaching through to eLearning, video and highly-customised digital solutions.

In a consultation with our friendly client experience team, we’ll work with you to identify the needs of your people and find a learning solution that is right for you.


What’s Trending?

Develop leaders and teams in key skills to build capability.

Participants learn key skills to grow leadership capability.

Bespoke digital solutions for organisational learning.

A survey tool and free report to measure your (or your team’s) capability.

Join an upcoming Thinka event to grow your human skills or meet L&D professionals.

Learning experiences to improve culture and relationships.


What experience does Thinka have working with organisations?

Thinka has years of experience, working with Australian organisations in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. We know that an intentional focus on professional development is critical to learner success, employee engagement and retention, and healthy workplace culture.

We work closely with clients to figure out what program, workshop or skills training their teams need. Organisations might also be better suited to an online course that gives them the ability to scale a training solution across a national audience.

Who should partner with Thinka on learning experiences?

We typically work with leaders in human resources, people and culture, and learning and development teams when identifying corporate training needs. We also work directly with leadership teams to identify skills training for employees, making sure to connect learning experiences to organisational goals.

What kinds of learning experiences does Thinka offer?

Thinka is a high quality training provider who delivers leadership programs, workshops focussed on human skills, digital learning, and a range of customised learning solutions to suit each organisation’s audience and learning needs.

With years of experience working with Australian organisations, Thinka has a highly-skilled team committed to helping businesses identify the capability needs of employees and matching them to relevant and impactful learning experiences.

How are Thinka’s learning experiences developed?

Thinka has engaged in extensive research into the most relevant human (soft) skills that modern organisations need. Unlike RTOs and other training companies, Thinka is an award winning Learning and Development business with years of experience working with Australian organisations, specialising in training services related to human (soft) skills.

Where does Thinka deliver learning experiences?

Thinka’s facilitators do a lot of in-person program and workshop delivery across Melbourne, regional Victoria, Sydney and regional NSW. Yet, we recognise that in this age of hybrid working, virtual options for geographically dispersed teams are also important. We also service national organisations and their employees in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and across regional Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia with our specialist virtual workshop formula or digital learning solutions.

How does Thinka measure the results of learning experiences?

Thinka attaches key ‘success measures’ to learning programs that measure the impact of learning experiences like training courses and online courses. In particular, we have a sophisticated evaluation approach for leadership programs that relies on a range of measurement tools – so that we can provide participant insights to clients during and on completion of a program.

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