Animation Development

We know how to appeal to people’s longing for stories. We bring your key messages to life with words, images and movement.

I appreciated the open lines of communication and the quality of work. When I had edits/feedback these were looked at right away.

Australian Unity | June 2018

What Can We Do?

An animated sequence to hook the learner, an emotional connection to an online persona, we’ve got the goods when it comes to animation.

Short, long, narration or otherwise chance are we’ve given it a crack.

Let’s tell great stories, we can

  • Develop concepts and script animation
  • Animate customer and employee personas
  • Record voice-over
  • Provided end-to-end animation development
  • Work collaboratively in the review process

Beautifully told, dangerously addictive

A Client Snapshot

What We Did

We scripted and developed five animations that told the story of the ideal customer journey for our team and our customer.

The Results We Achieved

  1. Increase in customer empathy and understanding.
  2. Consistent look, feel and interpretation of what ‘good’ looks like.
  3. Bringing to life static employee and customer personas.

The client said

Coming soon, we’ve just finished!

Jessica, Project Manager, Bupa Dental


What Results?


Turn static processes into interesting stories.


Craft messages that viewers find easier to absorb.


Weave animation through existing learning.

What types of animation have we developed?

Customer Focused

A look at the ideal customer journey.

Employee Focused

Bringing to life the employee experience.

Information Focused

Capturing essential information in a digestible way.