Thinka believes the future of work is not about roles but skills, mindsets and strengths. When we design learning, we keep this in mind and support businesses in the amount of change they face and their need for adaptability and cross-functional working.

Transferable skills are key to building teams that are agile, flexible and open to constantly upskilling and reskilling. Long gone are the days where people would stay in positions for years and years, comfortable in and defined by a particular role.

We believe learning should be relevant, real and immediately applied – to inspire uptake and retention. If learning isn’t actioned, there is very little hope for its survival. We know this, so we build robust tools to help teams make changes right away – even if it’s just introducing a small tweak or reframing a problem.

With a strong research ethos, an understanding of contemporary thinkers, and a bias to action, Thinka works with you to understand your needs and how we can build learning that gets results for your team.

Explore the learning and consider how it relates to you and your experience.
Apply the learning and observe how it works and what it feels like (prepare to be uncomfortable)
Reflect on the difference the learning makes and what you can do better or differently next time.
Celebrate your efforts, so that your brain keeps investing the energy to learn and stays motivated.