Welcome toPAAC 2020

think. learn.

Before you head into the conference, collect and
read the information flyers below (if you haven’t already).

Your journey map

How to navigate this year’s virtual PAAC event.

Tech set up

How to ensure you have a smooth online experience.

Meet your hosts

Nigel Sutton


Sarah Kinsella

Don’t forget to join our live opening and closing sessions!

LIVE Introduction Session

11:00am AEST Monday

Nigel and Sarah welcome

you to PAAC 2020.

LIVE Closing Session PLUS - BONUS Sponsor talk

11:00am AEST Friday

Hear from our Sponsor Arrow,

followed by Nigel and Sarah

wrapping up PAAC 2020.

Watch the recording of Monday's Live Session hereWatch the recording of Friday's Live Session here

Now that you’re all ready to go, head on in and enjoy this year’s PAAC!