Building Hybrid Teams

Employees want a structured hybrid working environment

The goal of this program is to work with your organisation to design a ‘human-first’ hybrid culture. Thinka has a comprehensive understanding of the occupational, social, emotional and physical needs of people to thrive in hybrid contexts. We have completed extensive research into hybrid working, consulting with leaders and organisations all around Australia to identify best practice.

Thinka’s model for a healthy hybrid culture


Example program

Workshop 1

Design a hybrid culture statement and identify key driving behaviours for effective hybrid working.

  • Thinka runs a workshop with you to identify what the culture and behaviours need to look like to make hybrid working successful.

Workshop 2

Establish working styles and rhythms, and the guidelines for each working style.

  • Thinka runs a workshop with you to establish the acceptable working styles and rhythms for the organisation, and the guidelines for each style.

Workshop 3

Address the ‘four needs of hybrid working’ (occupational, social, emotional and physical) by designing strategies for empowering each one.

  • Thinka runs a workshop with you to design strategies for each of the four needs, supported by an action plan to implement these strategies.

Workshop Outline

Delivery Options

In Person Workshop

In Person

Virtual Workshop

Virtual (See Demo)

Key Outcomes

1. An established set of behaviours to empower hybrid working.

2. Working styles and rhythms that support the hybrid context.

3. Guidelines to support each particular working style.

4. Strategies for empowering each of the ‘four needs of hybrid’.

5. An action plan for implementing change in the organisation.

Possible Inclusions

1. Research presentation

2. Guest speakers

3. Tools for application

4. Assets (e.g. eLearning, video)

5. Coaching

6. Participant management

7. Consulting on change management

8. Activities

9. Meeting packs

10. Follow-up support

Target Audience

Leaders and their teams

Let Thinka Help You

    Our in-person delivery option maximises opportunities for robust conversation, experiential activities and intensive group work. This is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ experience – our facilitators are skilled in presenting and leading immersive experiences that get the most out of people. Supported by multimedia, attractive takeaway pages and practical strategies for using back on the job – this in-person approach is valuable for building strong bonds and bringing people together to collaborate.
    Our virtual delivery option breathes fresh life into the online experience with its almost ‘radio show’ feel. Our expert facilitators use a combination of multimedia, questioning techniques and break out activities to target micro-skills – with a focus on application. Supported by an online platform hosting custom-built materials, participants can be assured of lively, dynamic sessions that have a distinct bias to action. Going virtual keeps program sessions succinct, sharp and focused on targeting particular skills in a dynamic way.
    This is an empowering program for leaders and their teams to work together on an effective hybrid working approach. This type of collaboration will help the organisation achieve greater commitment to the behaviours that make hybrid working successful. Alternatively, this program can be tailored for just the leadership team – so they can design an effective approach to introduce to their teams.