What are Clifton-Strengths?

How can you use Clifton-Strengths to promote healthier workplace culture?

Created by psychologist, Donald Clifton, the Clifton Strengths assessment tool provides individuals with their top strengths. This helps employees assess what they’re good at and gives leaders an opportunity to maximise performance and improve understandings between colleagues.

While many people believe Clifton Strengths is a personality assessment equivalent to the popular Myers-Briggs, Clifton strengths focusses more on performance than personality.

How does the Clifton-Strengths Assessment Work?

What’s involved when you take the assessment?

The Clifton Strengths assessment is made up of 177 statements. Test takers are asked to respond to these statements, with the entire assessment lasting around 30 minutes.

From here, the assessment generates a set of results – showing which of the 34 different Clifton Strengths you are strongest in. These strengths come from four domains:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Relationship Building
  • Influencing
  • Executing

How can Clifton-Strengths Help Leaders?

And what’s the impact?

By focussing on an individual’s strengths, rather than just their weaknesses, leaders and teams can have more constructive conversations. Clifton Strengths gives leaders a safe language for engaging in coaching and delivering feedback. It also means team members can figure out how to build ‘powerful partnerships’ with each other, leveraging each other’s strengths.

According to Gallup (the organisation that co-developed the tool), “employees that receive strengths-based development are up to 23% more engaged at work”.


Where can I learn more about Clifton-Strengths?

See our video collection and get to know Clifton-Strengths better.

This Clifton-Strengths video collection is designed to help organisations form a strengths-based culture. You’ll see each of the 34 Clifton-Strengths listed under their domains. Choose a strength like ‘Achiever’ or ‘Command’ and take a look at the two videos on how to apply the strength and how to lead this strength in someone.

See three of videos from the ‘Strengths Essentials’ collection below.

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