Customer Experience. Is Your Team Aligned With Your Expectations?

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One of the greatest threats to your brand is not focusing on the customer at every single stage of their journey with you.

As a leader, you’re relying on each member of your team to deliver exceptional customer service at each touch point along the way. You’ve got high expectations that they’ll do a great job but it’s actually up to you to make sure they can.

We’ve got a few tips on getting your team aligned with your vision to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Map a clear customer journey

How you think your customers interact with your brand and how they actually interact can be two very different things. Clearly mapping a data driven customer journey from beginning to end is crucial because it shows exactly how a customer behaves, not how you assume they do.
Having an intimate understanding of the customer’s experience with your brand means you can equip the team to better meet (and exceed!) their expectations.

There are 5 key touch points to consider when mapping the customer journey:

  • Website
  • Outbound sales
  • Inbound sales
  • Customer service support
  • Social presence

Build on the outcome of the customer experience exercise to form the foundation for service deliverables and goals you set for the team.

Set clear customer-centric goals with the team

Setting the right goals not only improves the customer experience, but it also helps your team get clear on where they are heading, how to get there and what you expect.

Goals shouldn’t be set randomly. They should be guided by the insights gleaned from mapping out the customer experience and the brand’s overall vision and core values.

The team needs to have clarity around the reason for the goal and the way it will be measured. Here’s an example –

Goal – Increase customer satisfaction score by 5% in the next quarter.

Reason for goal – Higher satisfaction scores means happier customers, more likely to return, refer and less churn.

Measured by – Customer satisfaction survey after calls / interaction.

Want to really motivate your team? Set a few, realistic goals. Creating a whole host of super stretch, unrealistic goals will only lead to burnt out, demotivated employees.

Lead by example

Great managers don’t lead from the sidelines. They set the right example for their teams by walking the talk and showing they aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and demonstrate exceptional customer service on the front line. If Richard Branson can serve in-flight drinks to passengers, you can figure out a way to get close to the customer action too!

A few ideas –

  • Spending time in the inbound call centre
  • Responding to comments on social media
  • Greeting and dealing with customers in store
  • Attend a new business pitch / customer presentation

Being on the front line also helps you set goals and performance strategies your team actually feels connected with and committed to. You’ll have a greater understanding of what they face each day directly interacting with customers. 

Evaluate outcomes and identify gaps

You’ve mapped out the customer journey and put clear goals in place, what’s next to keep your team’s performance high? Regularly checking in with them!

Your customer experience strategy needs to be evaluated regularly to measure success and brainstorm ways it can be evolved. Checking in with your team keeps them on track and aligned with your expectations on how each member should be contributing to the customer experience journey.

Evaluations allow you to isolate where you aren’t hitting the mark with your customers and how these gaps can be addressed with further tools and training. It’s also about listening to feedback and staying open to new ideas. It’s hard for a team to live up to your expectations if you don’t equip them with everything they need to do a great job!

Invest in training

When a team fails to deliver the experience your customers expect there’s a big chance the issues can be traced back to a lack of customer service training. Supporting your team with the right training and equipment for them to execute on the customer experience strategy is key.

Investing in training also sends a clear message to your team; we’re not messing around,  delivering exceptional customer experience is our top priority.

Training tells them ‘customer first’ isn’t just a cliche employee handbook phrase; you expect them to live a customer-centric work day, every day and will invest in equipping them with the skills they need to succeed.

  • Increased product knowledge
  • Technical training
  • Soft skills / team communication and collaboration
  • Presentation and public speaking

Training never ends. The customer experience landscape is always changing and your brand’s products and services are always evolving. Keeping your team’s skill set and confidence high with ongoing customer-centric training, mentorship and access to current best practice resources should be a priority.

How do you support your team so they can deliver an exceptional customer experience?

Need to raise the bar when it comes to customer experience? Our Customers & Experience program can help fix common workplace problems including poor results and negative feedback from customers, setting standards and firm expectations and a customer experience that isn’t aligned across stories.

As follow-up, participants apply what they learn and leaders coach using the coaching cards provided, offering feedback to improve both team and individual performances. In due course, participants discuss what has changed, improvements or continued ‘roadblocks’ with their leader.

Follow up

(period defined by the business, with reflection and discussion)

A 5-hour workshop where we look at how leaders can work with teams on motivating, coaching and setting standards in effective ways.


Participants see how important communication and collaboration is when getting results. They learn how to work with each other to build positive store culture and design effective systems and processes.

Workshop 3

(5 hours, face to face)

As part of pre-work, each participant completes a survey that highlights what aspects of customer experience they’re comfortable with and what needs work. This influences the design of the program and its priority areas.


(30 minutes, online)

A 5-hour workshop where we work through the fundamentals of an outstanding customer experience from end-to-end.


Participants learn more about their ‘ideal customers’ and the typical journeys they go through, and how to design experiences that work for these customers.

Workshop 1

(5 hours, face to face)

A 5-hour workshop where we align the values, behaviours and actions required for an outstanding customer experience.


Participants see how to embed the values and behaviours of their business in practical ways – to improve customer interactions and promote long-term loyalty.

Workshop 2

(5 hours, face to face)

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