Why present a custom keynote for your conference or event?

Need a keynote for your next event? Someone to talk leadership, organisational culture or both. Our skilled speakers will listen to your needs and craft a presentation that is relevant, meaningful and hits the mark with your audience. With a strong understanding of the role of culture in business success and how leadership needs to look in modern world, we won’t present the ‘same old, same old’. We will look to push the boundaries, get people thinking and inspire teams to stretch.

Why would you use a Thinka speaker at your next event?

  • To communicate a fresh, modern leadership lesson
  • To help facilitate the development of a performance culture in your business
  • To present material on behalf of the business in a dynamic, interactive way
  • To use sophisticated techniques to engage the audience and land key messages
  • To build atmosphere and energy in the room, inspiring attention and motivation

How do we work with you to give a keynote that makes an impact with your audience?

  • We work with you to understand the outcomes you’re looking to achieve from your event
  • We design a presentation that is audience-centric and lands key messages 
  • We prepare thoroughly; validating research, building resources and thinking through logistics
  • We participate in a dry run to test the content, delivery style and equipment
  • We deliver the keynote and follow up with you to review feedback

If you want a team that understand how to link a learning experience to a business result- these are your people. Experience, passion, and a relentless customer focus.

The Good Guys

Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

In Person


What are the potential outcomes when using Thinka to deliver a keynote? 

1. A modern leadership lesson delivered to a mass audience

2. Powerful lessons on the importance of organisational culture

3. Learning that is actionable for your team, so you can see impact

4. A lift in motivation to inspire new thinking and progress

5. A ‘compass’ for leaders to set direction and align expectations

Target Audience

Business-wide or a specific learning audience

With proven presenting experience, we can partner with you to help conceptualise, design and deliver your keynote at your next in-person conference.
With proven presenting experience, we can partner with you to help conceptualise, design and deliver your keynote at your next virtual conference.
Keynotes can be created for a whole business to appeal to a range of audiences or can be audience-specific and speak directly to tiers of the business (for example, team members, leaders or executives).