Why use custom-created animation in your learning approach?

Animation is a fun, creative way to engage audiences in learning. You can either produce one-off animations for micro-learning bites or you can blend animation with eLearning to bring stories to life. The sky is the limit with animation and your imagination can run wild with the different styles available to help you build something truly unique for your team.

Why might you use animation?

  • To bring a unique perspective to the learning you’re communicating
  • To tell stories that help to illustrate your learning message
  • To use your brand’s colours, imagery and words in a fresh and dynamic way
  • To present small learning bites that are easily digested by learners
  • To give added dimension to an eLearning module

How do we create animation with you?

  • We help you to decide on the story you want to tell and the perspective it’s told from
  • We work with you on the branding elements you want to use or show you animation styles
  • We gather the information from supplied content and/or engage in research to build the script
  • We develop the animation and work with a carefully selected voice-over artist
  • We work collaboratively in review cycles and iterate based on feedback

A massive thank you to the whole Thinka team for the amazing work you have all completed with us within this project.

Working with Thinka has been a great experience, I have learnt more about how to deliver a better learning structure to our Franchise Partners (FP). It has been great fun working with animation videos to show what we are aiming for in the pharmacy.

Sigma Healthcare

Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

You might choose a distinct focus or a combination of these approaches to build your animation – so that it feels fresh, modern and makes an impact. All options include a custom-selected voice-over artist.

Character driven

Purpose driven

Data driven

What are the potential outcomes when using animation?

1. A fun, creative and modern take on learning

2. Learning that is warm, colourful and tells a story

3. A ‘hook’ into eLearning that captures the ‘high level’

4. An easily digested piece of ‘micro-learning’

5. Learning that won’t date and has a long shelf-life

Target Audience

Business-wide or a specific learning audience

This option means we create a story told through the lens of a character who illustrates the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the animation. It is often told ‘user-first’ to put the learner in the experience, increasing engagement and relevancy.
This option is about delivering a strong ‘why’ message to give people a reason to invest in the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the animation. It is about getting to the heart of matters and using language that resonates with audiences.
This option is about using research, facts and statistics to validate the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the animation. This style of animation appeals to logic and reason and helps the learner understand the context with greater clarity.
Animations can be created for a business as a high-level asset to appeal to a range of audiences or we can create an animation to be audience-specific and speak directly to the end-user (for example, team members, leaders or executives).