Why use eLearning to bring your organisation’s learning to life?

eLearning that’s custom built for your audience gets higher engagement than attempts to make learning fit. We work with you to establish tone, language style, structure and any media you might want use, like animation, video and images. People need to be able to do something with what they’ve learned, so we write for application – this way we are not just filling minds but building skills.

Why might you build eLearning with us?

  • To capture key intelligence in the business for a larger audience
  • To communicate a set of standards or system to the whole team
  • To assess team members on their level of understanding
  • To capture key insights about the team’s learning via LMS reporting
  • To allow team members the opportunity to learn flexibly in their own time

How do we help you build an eLearning solution?

  • We work with you on your learning priorities and media requirements
  • We help you establish tone and style or can adopt your brand’s style guide
  • We synthesise information from your base content and/or engage in research, as required
  • We develop the eLearning using a suitable authoring tool and produce media
  • We work collaboratively in review cycles and iterate based on feedback

We recently worked with Thinka to produce a series of eLearning modules. The team worked to really understand the business need and provided creative solutions that made an impact. A highlight was when we were able to turn a (relatively dry) compliance topic into an engaging, catchy eLearning module that had our team laughing. The message has resonated long after delivery!

Swisse Wellness

Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

You might choose a distinct focus or a combination of these approaches to build your eLearning module – so that it feels fresh, modern and makes an impact.

Character driven

Purpose driven

Data driven

What are the potential outcomes when building custom eLearning? 

1. eLearning that feels consistent with your brand

2. eLearning that speaks directly to your audience

3. eLearning that captures the top learning priorities

4. eLearning that is geared toward ‘doing something’

5. eLearning that is dynamic and has a fresh, modern feel

Target Audience

Business-wide or a specific learning audience

Let Thinka Help You

    This option means we create a story told through the lens of a character who illustrates the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the eLearning module. It is often told ‘user-first’ to put the learner in the experience, increasing engagement and relevancy.
    This option is about delivering a strong ‘why’ message to give people a reason to invest in the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the eLearning module. It is about getting to the heart of matters and using language that resonates with audiences.
    This option is about using research, facts and statistics to validate the concept or skill you are capturing as part of the eLearning module. This style of eLearning module appeals to logic and reason and helps the learner understand the context with greater clarity.
    eLearning modules can be created for a business as a high-level asset to appeal to a range of audiences or we can create an eLearning module to be audience-specific and speak directly to the end-user (for example, team members, leaders or executives).