Why engage your team in an impactful, experiential activity?

Offline or online, experiential learning is game-changing for teams. Not only does it promote relationship and morale building, it challenges people’s thinking, strips away biases and reveals the truth of behaviour. Sounds intense? Well, it is but in a good way. Investing in a well-conceived and expertly facilitated experiential activity will help you get the behaviour change you want in your team. The power is in both the activity itself and the debrief – where assumptions are challenged and the truth of the learning emerges.

Why get your team involved in an experiential activity?

  • To provide a vehicle for behaviour change in team members
  • To challenge people’s assumptions and break down biases
  • To use a creative strategy for perspective taking and empathy building
  • To build relationships and support the development of team morale
  • To teach concepts in a hands-on way, supporting the retention of learning

How do we deliver an experiential activity?

  • We explore the behaviour change you’re looking for in your team
  • We engage in ideation and/or co-create options for the experiential activity
  • We converge on the best-fit activity that suits the audience and desired outcome
  • We design the activity, develop resources, facilitate the activity and debrief it with the team
  • We work with you post-activity to explore the impact and how it landed with the team

What a challenge, it takes you out of your comfort zone and gets you thinking. Thinka gets to know the individuals, what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them.

Stage II

Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

In Person

What are the potential outcomes when you run an experiential activity?

1. Behaviour change that sticks long after the activity

2. Growth in self- and social-awareness of participants

3. Increased ability for participants to recognise their impact

4. Improved relationships as negative behaviours are addressed

5. Greater clarity as biases and assumptions are challenged

Target Audience




Our in-person experiential activities maximise opportunities for morale building, robust conversation and intensive debriefing. Our facilitators are skilled in leading immersive experiences that get the most out of people. The Thinka team know that how people participate in ‘games’ often reflects how they show up at work, and they are skilled in bringing this out into the open.
This audience includes team members who are developing skills to perform their role with greater capability. The skills are geared toward increasing personal and professional effectiveness and are transferable across different contexts – making them last as they move through their career development journey.
This audience includes ‘middle management’ leaders who support team members in capability building. The skills are geared toward increasing leadership effectiveness and driving performance in team members in modern work contexts. These skills are flexible and built to grow with individuals as they evolve in their leadership journeys.
This audience includes executive leaders who are driving the more visionary and strategic areas of the business. The skills are geared toward building capability in innovation, operationalising strategy and working with ‘middle management’ to cascade information. Leaders must be advanced in their development to truly benefit from working with these skills.