Why invest in an edutainment approach for your organisation?

Thinka’s ‘edutainment’ formula brings breakfast television, vox pop and micro-reflections together to create a unique learning experience for your team. If you want something different to more traditional eLearning and a solution that sticks around longer than a workshop, then our edutainment option could be your answer.

Why would you build edutainment for your team?

  • To offer a unique learning experience that inspires motivation and interest
  • To present a solution that is fresh and made for modern learners
  • To offer a media-rich experience that is expertly facilitated by on-screen presenters
  • To showcase the talent and expertise in your business in an engaging way
  • To build a module that has a lively atmosphere like a workshop but can be delivered flexibly

How do we build an edutainment module with you?

  • We work with you on the theme and key messages you want to land in the module
  • We explore audience requirements and select the right tone, language and speakers
  • We explore options for talent in your business or can suggest external talent to provide expertise
  • We script the module and review with you before shooting in the studio and engaging in post-production
  • We work with you in review cycles and produce a final iteration ready for roll out

Thinka are flexible and quick and provide quality outcomes. They are that team member you are always looking for!


Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

Edutainment is a bespoke Thinka product and has a distinct learning formula (unique to this product only) but can be customised to your business’s branding.

How do we build an edutainment module with you?

1. A flexible solution that suits the needs and pace of modern learners

2. Key messages delivered in a fun, creative way to inspire interest

3. A ‘next-level’ approach to eLearning that drives engagement

4. A solution that helps teams align and develop consistency

5. A solution that encourages collaborative conversations

Target Audience

Business-wide or a specific learning audience

Edutainment modules can be created for a business as a high-level asset to appeal to a range of audiences or we can create an edutainment module to be audience-specific and speak directly to the end-user (for example, team members, leaders or executives).