Why invest in premium video learning for your organisation?

Video gives you the power to break down barriers and disperse the expertise in your business to teams across the country or globe. We can help you conceptualise, script, produce and edit your videos so they’re warm, engaging and hit the mark with modern audiences. You can also blend video with eLearning to create a dynamic, multi-layered solution.

Why might you use a video solution?

  • To communicate a set of standards organisation-wide 
  • To capture expertise in the business to share with team members 
  • To demonstrate best practice in particular skill areas 
  • To celebrate snippets of culture to boost team morale
  • To interview team members about their unique experiences 

How do we achieve a video solution with you?

  • We develop the concept, considering audience, purpose, tone and presentation style 
  • We script with subject matter experts and review with key stakeholders 
  • We design a production schedule and organise shoot logistics 
  • We direct and shoot the videos with an expert videographer and sound recordist 
  • We engage in post-production and review with the client before handing-over 

The Thinka team are some of the most passionate, wonderful, hardworking and professional people I've ever worked with.

We were able to achieve far more than we had initially planned for because they showed such a strong commitment to understanding our needs and therefore enabled us to really deliver great outcomes.

They always found a way to provide us with a yes to all our questions - they definitely have an anything's possible way of working.

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Service Snapshot

Delivery Options

You might choose a distinct style or a combination of these styles in your video – so that it feels fresh, modern and makes an impact. All styles can be augmented with pop-up titles and graphics to add life and interest.

Talking Head


Montage With Voiceover


What are the potential outcomes when producing video? 

1. Alignment in team members as standards are set 

2. Increased expertise as knowledge is shared 

3. A lift in performance as skills gaps are addressed 

4. Clarity around the business’s culture and values 

5. An understanding of people’s diverse perspectives 

Target Audience

Business-wide or a specific learning audience

This option refers to the style of video whereby the presenter is talking directly to the screen. This is a sound choice for instructional content where a concept or skill is being explained. It could be a ‘how to’ tutorial using props, or it could take advantage of pop-up information and graphics.
This option refers to the style of video whereby the interviewees are asked questions and their answers are captured on screen. This is a sound choice for showcasing the business’s people and culture, capturing specific expertise or communicating ‘best practice’ advice.
This option refers to the style of video whereby we see people in the business (or hired talent) perform certain activities that are narrated with voiceover. The narrator might describe a skill, such as pouring concrete or how to navigate a new piece of technology, while the ‘actor’ is performing the skill.
This video option is about presenting a ‘story’ around the skill or concept that is turned into a script for production. People in the business (or hired talent) perform roles, often in situ, so the learner can get the full understanding of how the concept or skill needs to look in context.
Videos can be created for a business as a high-level asset to appeal to a range of audiences or we can create a video to be audience-specific and speak directly to the end-user (for example, team members, leaders or executives).