Online Learning

In these challenging times we need to think differently to build momentum and find innovative ways to help teams feel supported and stay engaged.

Motivate your team and increase productivity through online learning.

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What Can We Do?

Fully interactive or just beautiful in style, an enthusiastic
tone of voice and information presented in a sexy way.

Online learning that people actually want to do, that’s our promise.

We’re experts in online solutions

  • Branching and decision-based learning
  • Storyboard and writing from scratch
  • Script and production of video
  • Create digital games and interactions
  • Authoring in a range of eLearning tools

Very sleek, very smooth

Our collaborative partnership with Thinka has allowed us to support the ongoing growth and development of our team members.

Carlisle Homes | October 2019

A Client Snapshot

What We Did

We developed a 90-minute, six-module online course to normalise and mainstream disability and accessibility.

The Results We Achieved

  1. Reshaping of cultural attitudes and de-stigmatising of disability services.
  2. Attractive eLearning that focuses on the ‘how to’, to give people practical skills.

The client said

“We wanted a fresh look for our eLearning and content that would translate to diverse audiences; breaking down stigma and dispelling the myths around disability.”

Martin, CEO, Get Skilled Access



We don’t muck around. We just get in there and do it – working with you to tweak or change bits if you’re not feeling it.

What Results?


We can create entire courses and one-off modules.


We can research, write and develop content from scratch.


We are experts in engaging learners until the end.

What types of topics have we developed?

The ‘human’ stuff

Leadership, Culture, Customer Experience, People Management, Diversity, Disability,

The ‘technical’ stuff

Operations, Safety, Compliance & Risk, Marketing Analytics, Innovation.

The ‘essential’ stuff

Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Diversity, Customer Journey Mapping, Entrepreneurship.