Group Facilitation

We’ll take you on a journey full of storytelling and experimentation.

THINKA unified departments. Opened awareness. Created a space to encourage a growth mindset. The program has been emotionally exhausting. Yet positively rewarding.

Stage II | January 2019

What Can We Do?

Facilitators who can not only work a crowd but also connect deeply one-one.

Groups from six to 600, we’ve worked with them all. No sideline sitting, everybody comes on the ride.

We do face-to-face and online

  • Group facilitation
  • Conference MC and keynote
  • One-on-one coaching for leaders
  • Use your content or ours
  • Match the best facilitator

All enthusiasm, no attitude

A Client Snapshot

What We Did

We designed and then facilitated a 5-hour experiential game for 30 high potential leaders. We then rolled this out across the organisation.

The Results We Achieved

  1. A ‘win-win’ culture through uniting leaders.
  2. Increase in productivity through the adoption of new behaviours.
  3. Heightened leader self-awareness and the breaking of bad behaviours.

The Client Said

“Using experiential activities, we are building positive behaviours and achieving win-win results. Our leaders have been encouraged to look at their own behaviours, and make changes where required.”

Carolyne, National Learning & Development Manager, The Good Guys


What Results?


Teams don’t just walk away inspired, they’ve got practical tools.


It’s not just a feel-good, it’s performance-based learning.


We can measure and prove roi for our learning sessions.

What types of topics have we facilitated?

The ‘human’ stuff

Leadership, Culture, Customer Experience, People Management, Diversity, Disability,

The ‘technical’ stuff

Operations, Safety, Compliance & Risk, Marketing Analytics, Data-Driven Decision-Making.

The ‘essential' stuff

Critical Thinking, Mindfulness, Complex Problem–Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity.