Do you have a complex problem you’d like your team to solve?

Great hack! We had to award two winners.

Volkswagen | June 2019

How does it work?

Over one day or two, we get your team to ‘hack’ a complex problem and then pitch their solutions.

PHASE 1 | Statement Design

We work with you on your complex problem and frame it up as a problem or possibility statement.
e.g. “We need to increase customer engagement by 10%.”
e.g. “We need to simplify and make seamless each customer touchpoint.”

PHASE 2 | Hack Introduction

We introduce the statement to your team, as a challenge, at the start of the ‘hack’ or in a specific introduction session a couple of weeks before the main event.

PHASE 3 | Hack Tools

We assign teams, team leaders and hack roles and responsibilities. We introduce the teams to a set of ‘innovation tools’ and how they will ‘pitch’ their solution. They have permission to get creative.

PHASE 4 | Hack Collaboration

We allow the teams time to ‘hack’, while coaching and giving them feedback as they progress, challenging them to apply their best thinking to find the ideal solutions.

PHASE 5 | Hack Pitch

We allow each team time to ‘pitch’ their solution in an 8-minute pitch session. Teams are given feedback and the winning team will be awarded. The wider team is also invited to celebrate the process, the results and everyone’s contribution.

STAGE 6 | Debrief & Reflection

Of course, no deep dive into behaviour would be complete without a debrief. This (and an individual self-reflection) is a crucial part of any experiential activity.

Results from this activity?


A new wave of solutions for complex problems.


A unified team all working towards a common goal.


A team that is brought into problems and solutions.

The Fine Print

Run onsite, at a location picked by you, for groups up to 100.

What’s included?

  • Pre-hack ‘one-pager’ to be sent out to all participants prior to the workshop with essential ‘hack’ information.
  • All resources including pitch deck template and takeaway sheets.
  • Facilitation of the workshop on-site at a location selected by you.
  • A highly skilled, experienced and entertaining facilitator.
  • Design collaboration on the ideal Problem or Possibility Statement for the hack.
  • Client meetings and project management included.

Capability MetER

Are you building capability for the future of work?

Skills Source: Future Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

How does this program stack up against the (human) skills required for the future?

Complex problem-solving




Coordinating with others


Judgement and decision-making




Critical thinking


People management


Emotional intelligence


Service orientation


Cognitive flexibility


What we’re often asked

What are the practical results I’ll get from this program?

  • Solutions to your problem statement, delivered through the pitch sessions.
  • Teams that are unified behind a solution.
  • A series of problem-solving tools that can be used day-to-day.

Can I change the structure of the program?

  • Yes, you can complete the hack in one day or a couple of sessions over a few weeks.

How can I be sure it will work?

  • Your teams will pitch regardless of the stage they are at. Depending on the team dynamic, different levels of quality in the solutions and pitch sessions are seen.