Human Leadership

Leadership & Performance Program

The future of leadership is human – we need to prepare our leadership capability for the future of work.

We love your natural, down to earth, authentic style.

Multiplex | July 2019

The high-level

This program yields significant results, but it is a significant investment of time for leaders. It requires commitment and a willingness to change.

This program is conducted over an eight-month period. It has up to 12 different modes of learning, including workshops, tours, coaching, guest speakers and social events. We have different participant options depending on the investment you need to make.

Why? Human Leadership

Leaders and businesses are in the midst of unprecedented change. There are changing consumer attitudes, increased competition, as well as game-changing technology and business models. We need our people to be focused and committed, yet adaptive and responsive. The current environment demands it.

What? Human Leadership

Over eight months we work with each leader to move them to a higher level of performance and results. We will focus on being extremely practical, practising until we are sure we nail it, and visualising performance and success. Your leaders will be given the tools to get to the top of their game.

Why this program?


With expectations growing, we need our leaders to be at the top of their game. Working on the business and in it, wearing multiple hats, solving problems and knowing how to read the play.


The frontier of competition is changing. Transformation and change are now normal and we must be always reinventing and restructuring. Having leaders who can adapt and respond quickly is key – business as usual is business being left behind.


Career hopping has also become ‘normal’, we have different attitudes, different workplace norms, to the workforce of 20 years ago. We need to know how to understand each other and build diverse teams.

Example themes

We mix & match themes based on capability development needs

  • Self-awareness & resilience – It starts with you, how are you showing up?
  • Empowerment and ownership – You have the power; have conviction and courage.
  • Critical thinking – Understanding our bias and what we need to do about it.
  • Creativity & innovation – The tools to encourage innovation, not just ideas.
  • Problem-solving – How we can be pragmatic and creative with problems.
  • Presenting to influence – Stage presence and the art of communicating the ‘WHY’.
  • Feedback & current state – What does your team (really) think of you?
  • Results & numbers – How human behaviours drive numbers.
  • Team engagement & productivity – How to find your people’s peak, not just settle.
  • High-performance leadership – It’s not just about what you say, it’s HOW you do it.
  • Service design – Design consistent customer service experiences, that create ‘WOW’.
  • Stakeholder buy-in – Getting everyone on the bus, and willingly.
  • Understanding behaviour – Knowing what good looks like and modelling it.
  • Negotiation & influence – Negotiating win outcomes, influencing when it counts.

Success roadmap

To be successful in the program,
you will be:

  • Open to feedback and learning
  • Eager to receive feedback
  • Looking to embrace change
  • Seeking challenge
  • Hungry for growth
  • Ready to strive for high performance
  • Unrelenting in the pursuit of results
  • Someone who takes responsibility
  • Committed to your own future and success

To be unsuccessful in the program,
you will be:

  • Closed to feedback
  • Resistant to change
  • A ‘know it all’
  • Not looking to evolve and change
  • Scared of success
  • A blamer and full of excuses
  • Reluctant to stay motivated
  • Scared of the truth
  • Scared of getting high performance and results

How it all works

We deliver this program through a combination of the following:

  1. Workshops – Focused on business problems and growth opportunities.
  2. Coaching – 1:1 session to break down barriers and clear roadblocks.
  3. Online – Content to stimulate the mind between coaching and workshops.
  4. Integration – We will establish the tools to integrate it into your workplace.
  5. Immersive – Learning from other ‘like businesses’, making sure the learning is practical.
  6. Feedback – 360-degree feedback to participants from peers, leaders and direct reports.
  7. Speakers – Guest speakers to drive greater influence, motivation and change.
  8. Experiential – Hands-on activities and projects that get outcomes and break bad habits.
  9. Accountability – Partnering based on needs, to cement implementation.
  10. Hack-a-thon – A two-day immersive ‘tackle a big problem’ event.
  11. Conference – Sharing the motivation and knowledge with a broader audience.
  12. Social – An online tool that supports the ‘social conversation’ around learning.

The results of a human approach

  • Increased KPIs
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased retention

An uplift in any of these metrics would more than recover the investment in the program. We know we can get results – so it’s a solid investment.

The Fine Print

Run on-site or at a location selected by you.
Ideal group size 12.

What’s included?

  • All program resources across the 8 months, including participant takeaway kits.
  • Welcome box, reading books, and reflection journal per participant.
  • All activities, hack-a-thon, immersive experience components of the program.
  • A highly skilled, experienced and entertaining facilitator.
  • Client meetings and project management included.

Nice touches

These nice touches make the program one of the best the participants have experienced.

Welcome Box

A box on commencement, that will hold all of the essential items to keep them focused during the program, and a few treats!

Book Swap

During the program, everyone will have a series of books they need to swap and trade. The goal – read them during the program.

Reflection Journal

A journal to record thoughts and some of the toughest lessons learned from coaching feedback.

Capability MetER

Are you building capability for the future of work?

Skills Source: Future Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

How does this program stack up against the (human) skills required for the future?

Complex problem-solving




Coordinating with others


Judgement and decision-making




Critical thinking


People management


Emotional intelligence


Service orientation


Cognitive flexibility


What we’re often asked


What if my team doesn't take on the lessons they're learning?

It’s a natural fear and one of ours too, but as we recommend participants apply to the program and go through an interview and selection process, they are much more likely to be committed.

Is it too much in too short a time on top of their ‘actual job’?

Everything they do will be integrated and part of their role (participants should be doing a lot of this anyway), with a focus on behaviour, results and performance – not assessment.

Can we design our own ‘participant journey’?

Yes, but three things make up the ‘secret sauce’ here, so don’t leave them out:

  • Coaching – Keep at least three 1:1 sessions.
  • Immersive – Keep at least one day.
  • Accountability – Keep their accountability partner.

Is it worth the investment?

If you can’t see it on the bottom line by the end of the program, either through sales uplift, increased people retention, higher engagement and productivity, then we will refund you.