Why do a Leadership Coaching Program?

Thinka’s leadership coaching program is focused on challenging leaders to break through barriers and take accountability.

As part of a coaching program, leaders get strongly individualised support based on their needs. Our highly-skilled leadership coaches draw on years of experience working with people on performance across different industries.

Our leadership coaches understand the intricacies of organisational culture and work with leaders and managers at all levels; executive and senior leadership, middle management, and frontline and team leadership.

Examples of Thinka’s Leadership Coaching Programs

1-1-coaching-thinka pic

1:1 Coaching

Thinka’s Coach and the Leader

The Thinka coach works with one leader in a safe, private setting to explore issues, remove blockers and stretch their thinking so as to grow leadership capability.

1 participant


Triad Coaching

Thinka’s Coach, the Leader and the Leader’s Direct Report

The Thinka coach works with a leader and their direct report to explore challenges, bust open biases and identify one another’s strengths so as to move forward.

2 participants


Small Group Coaching

Thinka’s Coach, the Leader and the Leader’s Team

The Thinka coach works with a leader and their team to improve the dynamic, open up any issues for discussion, and identify new and constructive ways of working.

Up to 6 participants
Virtual or In-person

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Thinka on providing Strengths coaching for myself and my team. The one-on-one coaching and small-group sessions allowed for positive self-reflection and acknowledgement of what we do well and how we can support each other better. Unlocking the team's strengths in this way has helped me as a leader, by developing a deeper understanding of them individually and how to guide them. The coaches were wonderful throughout.”

Shannon Toyne, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

What results can you expect from a Leadership Coaching Program?

Good leadership coaching is the most effective tool for influencing transformation in organisations.

Depending on the needs of each of the leaders participating in the program, outcomes can look very different. A frontline leader might focus on building confidence and giving feedback, while an executive leader might focus more on influencing strategy and driving organisational outcomes.

Thinka’s capability analysis tool gives leaders the opportunity to assess themselves or their direct reports, ahead of the coaching program. It can then be used again to evaluate capability growth at the end of the coaching program.

Thinka has an accredited Clifton-Strengths coach on the team, so we also specialise in strengths-based coaching for leaders and teams.

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