Why do a Leadership Program?

Thinka’s award-winning programs are focussed on developing leadership skills and are geared toward practical application. 

As part of a leadership program, leaders walk away with useful strategies, tools and templates to activate skills. Each leadership program has a particular focus depending on the group and objectives the organisation is trying to achieve. We train all levels from graduates to frontline leaders to senior and executive groups.

From enabling innovation to empowering culture, Thinka has refined its leadership programs over years of working with organisations in industries like construction, retail, technology, health and education.

Examples of Thinka’s Leadership Programs

For High-Performing Team Members

Graduate Capability teams thinka webinar imag

Graduate Capability Program

The goal of this program is for graduates to build capability in foundation skills and step into their roles with confidence. 

high potential teams thinka workshop

High Potentials Program

The goal of this program is to invest in high potential team members, preparing them for leadership roles, and increase talent retention.

Innovation Capability workshop teams thinka

Innovation Capability Program

The goal of this program is to develop innovation potential in teams by teaching them skills that build capability to bring ideas to life.

Clifton Program for teams

Clifton-Strengths Program

The goal of this program is for team members to do the Clifton-Strengths diagnostic to better understand themselves and others.

For Frontline Leaders

Emerging Leaders Program thinka workshop for leaders img

Emerging Leaders Program

The goal of this intensive program is to invest in emerging and new leaders, giving them access to enriching experiences.

People Leadership Program thinka workshop thinka img

People Leadership Program

The goal of this program is to work with team leaders and middle managers on key skills in leadership like coaching and giving feedback.

Inclusive leadership thinka workshop img

Inclusive Leadership Program

This goal of this program is to build inclusive leadership behaviours that support people who are excluded or under-represented in the workplace. 

Clifton-Strengths Program thinka program workshop img

Clifton-Strengths Program

The goal of this program is to give leaders a framework for embedding a Clifton-Strengths approach in their teams.

For Senior and Executive Leaders

strategic leadership thinka workshop img

Strategic Leadership Program

The goal of this program is to build thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills in executive leaders to drive the business forward.

Transformational Leadership Thinka program

Transformational Leadership Program

The goal of this program is to empower the executive leadership team to transform business culture by embedding values and behaviours.

Woman in Leadership program thinka

Women in Leadership Program

The goal of this program is to empower women in leadership positions to challenge old stereotypes and cultivate their executive presence. 

Executive Leader Intensive img

Executive Leader Intensive

The goal of this program is to explore the relationships in the executive leadership team and resolve any challenges.

What makes a Thinka Leadership Program different?

Thinka’s programs are not ‘death by PowerPoint’ and are built around strategies, stories and practical leadership examples.

As well as being across the latest research, Thinka’s facilitation team have led in different industries and understand the challenges and competing priorities of ‘everyday leaders’.

Thinka’s facilitation team integrate practical leadership examples into every program, so participants have very real and tangible advice to draw on for growing leadership skills.

What results can you expect from a Thinka Leadership Program?

Thinka’s programs are award-winning and proven to build leadership skills and capability in organisations.

Depending on the organisation’s objectives, leaders who participate in a program achieve different outcomes.

Some leaders have elevated their personal brand, some have had an innovation project funded, and some have significantly improved their ability to coach and give feedback to team members.

Thinka’s capability analysis tool also gives a quantitative measure of leadership development over the course of the program.

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