Content Design

We create learning content; well-designed and beautifully-written learning content.

The THINKA team were fantastic to work with and delivered a quality outcome within a tight time frame.

Australian Unity | June 2019

What Can We Do?

Learning resources, any which way, from agenda design to takeaway sheets and graphics to journals.

Some of our best design work is in experiential activities and games.

We Do End-To-End

  • Workshop and conference design
  • Content writing and editing
  • Learning resource design
  • Experiential game design
  • Slide and resource graphic design

No Fuss, No Friction

A Client Snapshot

What We Did

We designed and facilitated a four-day conference for 40 participants. The conference focused on leadership behaviour and peak performance.

The Results We Achieved

  1. Aligned behaviours and expectations across all leaders.
  2. Increase in KPIs when the leaders returned to their teams.
  3. Increase in profitability through the adoption of new behaviours.

The Client Said

“With four days of face-to-face workshops, we were able to align regional and store managers’ behaviours and push for higher results. Each manager went back to their store with a new toolkit to take team performance to a new level. Ben was a perfect cultural partner to help us drive this positive change in our organisation.”

Todd, ANZ General Manager, Boardriders


What Results?


We give your content a tone of voice, a visual language and a personality.


Learning that’s designed with a clear end result in mind.


We can measure and prove ROI for our learning content.

What types of topics have we designed?

The ‘human’ stuff

Leadership, Culture, Customer Experience, People Management, Diversity, Disability,

The ‘technical’ stuff

Operations, Safety, Compliance & Risk, Marketing Analytics, Data-Driven Decision-Making.

The ‘essential’ stuff

Critical Thinking, Mindfulness, Complex Problem–Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity.