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Challenge Bias Workshop Preview

The future of work is about eradicating unconscious bias and supporting employees to understand each other’s differences and work effectively as a team. Unconscious bias has a negative effect on people’s sense of belonging, access to opportunities, and day to day work experience. By developing empathy, an appreciation for different needs and perspectives, and implementing practical strategies to improve inclusion, organisations can disrupt implicit bias. This has distinct benefits for organisations, such as a healthier, functional workforce, a more compelling EVP, and increased attraction and retention of talent.

When: Friday, June 28th, 2024
Where: Zoom (link provided on registration)
Duration: 45 minutes

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What’s Trending? Practical Tools Showcase

This on-demand webinar introduces you to three of Thinka’s most popular practical tools: the Capability Analysis, Micro Learning and Practical Guide for Leaders. Get to know Thinka’s three co‑founders and see footage of each of the tools as they walk you through them and explain their benefits.

When: Anytime
Where: Online
Duration: 12 minutes

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Leading in a Hybrid World: Research Findings

These two recordings give you insight into Thinka’s research on ‘Leading in a Hybrid World’ which was presented in an online event in June 2022. As part of the research, we interviewed a diverse group of Australian leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the hybrid context and its challenges. We’re happy to be sharing a couple of snapshots from the event with you here.

When: Anytime
Where: Online
Duration: 30 minutes each

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Past Events

Swap Meet

Take a look at the highlights from our past swap meet events to hear from L&D experts, leaders and entrepreneurs across a range of industries.