Making meetings matter

by May 18, 2017Meetings0 comments

We tend to do meetings the same way because it’s the way it’s always been done. This is fine if it’s working for your business and you’re getting the outcomes you want. But what if it feels like you’re a bit stuck, decisions are taking too long or new ideas are few and far between?

How about trying something new to get things moving again?

There are loads of innovative techniques start-ups and businesses are trying to make meetings more productive:

  • Sick of sitting down all the time? Try a stand up meeting or get everyone planking
  • Punctuality an issue? Change your meetings so they begin at random times like 9.58 or 12.07
  • Meetings too long-winded? Make meetings outcome-focused and halve the time to achieve the outcome
  • Meetings are boring? Integrate things like adult colouring books into your meetings for a bit of fun and creativity
  • People repeat themselves? Use a ‘no re-hash rule’ – hold up a ping pong paddle to alert people to when they’re going over the same ground
  • Decisions taking forever? Hold a meeting late on a Friday afternoon (guaranteed you’ll get your answer!)

If you’ve got any good tips and strategies for meetings that work for your business, we’d love to hear from you!

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