Yes, you can increase productivity with online learning

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The chaos of recent months sprung fast and furious change on many workplaces.

Leaders have needed to help their staff adapt quickly to a ‘new normal’, boost productivity, and keep up with training priorities. Now is not the time to press pause on reskilling or upskilling teams!

And so, the moment belongs to online learning.

3 ways continuous learning boosts workplace productivity

The right training programs can turn your team into a productivity powerhouse – whether they’re working remotely or in the office.

Refresh on current skills

Reinvigorating your team with refresher training can breathe life into old tasks, help boost productivity by preventing mistakes, and potentially streamline current practices.

Level up with new skills

Employees who are constantly learning new skills maintain a sense of purpose, value, and enthusiasm for the job. These positive attitudes often translate to a boost in productivity.

Encourage a high-performance culture

Ongoing training is a practical way to promote learning and growth at every level.
Teams who are encouraged to continually improve their skills and market knowledge provide value – including productivity and innovation – to the company.

Delivering efficient, effective learning experiences

As a leader, your goal should be to maximise your team’s learning experience.

You want your staff to apply what they’ve learnt as quickly and effectively as possible in their day to day activities – without a lag in current productivity. The best modes of training will cater to how each individual learns while being flexible enough to keep immediate workloads on track.

This is where online learning can make a real impact.

Online learning supports individual Focus Zones

Online learning allows your team to decide when and where they want to learn.

We all hit our ‘peak performance’ hours at different times of the day. For some, early morning is the time for creative thinking, learning, and powering through task lists.

Others take longer to find their sweet spot of focus, firing up later in the day or the evening.

Trying to absorb information when we’re tired, unfocused, and basically out of alignment with our natural learning rhythms can be counterproductive and slow.

Online learning allows your team to learn in their most switched on state of the day – whenever that may be. They can log in to a device to access training at any time.

When our minds are in the right state, understanding new concepts comes easier and we’re far more likely to remember what we’ve learnt. Work productivity gets a positive boost because new skills can be applied quickly after training.

The right learning location can also help maximise knowledge retention – in turn, this means staff can hit the ground running with new skills.

Online learning supports location flexibility. Your team can take their online sessions anywhere in an environment that best supports their learning style – be it a busy cafe or the total silence of a private meeting room.

For team members with irregular schedules, it’s easy to squeeze in 15 minutes of an online learning session when they’re on the go.

The key to boosting productivity both with learning content and applying new knowledge as quickly as possible is to encourage your team to create their personal Focus Zone.

This is their individual preference for time, location, and the device they use to get the most out of training!

Learning can be “chunked” into micro lessons

Taking a micro-learning approach means breaking down lengthy lessons into short bursts, or “chunks” of information.

Small, digestible segments of content give your team a fast introduction to a specific piece of information that they can learn in the space of 5 – 7 minutes.

Research tells us that learning in short, sharp bursts makes subjects easier to understand and memorable for longer periods of time.

Online courses for the modern, agile workplace are designed to support this easy-to-digest and low-time-commitment way of learning. It’s the most effective way to get the right educational material to your team when they need it for rapid application.

Micro-learning can take different forms to cater to different learning styles: video, audio, text, interactive graphics, quizzes, and more.

Breaking learning segments into chunks also makes it easy for your team to return to a mini-lesson at any time they might need a refresher.

Flexibility simplifies the work / training balance

When it comes to scheduling training and powering through ‘business as usual’ workloads striking a productive balance is easier with online learning.

Let’s say a training session was planned but suddenly your team is dealing with an unexpected jump in workload. All hands are needed on deck and taking time out for training means productivity takes a hit at a crucial time.

With online learning, this situation doesn’t create a big problem. It’s simple to defer training to a more convenient time – all the materials and tools are digital and pre-recorded.

Your team can put their heads down and focus on working productively towards the immediate demands.

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