People Leadership

People aren’t born leaders, they are made – not just once, but over and over again. When we lead people, we are learning all the time and our leadership style must evolve in response to change. It’s a dynamic practice and requires energy, effort and a commitment to step up and level up – constantly.

By taking a flexible approach, leaders are better placed to connect with others and find styles of communication that get cut through. While there are some fundamental principles that underpin good leadership, understanding different people and what makes them tick is key to bringing those principles to life.

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Leaders who are technically proficient but need to improve their people skills
  • Leaders who are new to their position and need skills to build relationships
  • Leaders who need to improve their ability to empathise with others
  • Leaders who want to inspire greater collaboration and teamwork
  • Leaders who need strategies for lifting motivation and coaching for performance

What will participants explore and apply in this program?

  • An understanding of people, relationships and team dynamics
  • A framework for connecting and working with different personalities
  • An ability to map the values and strengths of different team members
  • Models for facilitating good collaboration
    and building strong project teams
  • Strategies for applying skills to motivate and coach people

What a challenge, it takes you out of comfort zone and gets you thinking. I know the team put in a lot of work in the background and do an awesome job, but Ben is the perfect frontman. He gets to know the individuals and what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them.

Stage II
We customise the leadership program based on your needs or we work with you to identify needs before building the program. To see different customised examples of the People Leadership program, click through the carousel below.
Example 1 | High Performance Leadership
The goal of this leadership program is to elicit high performance in developing leaders. The leaders engage in a goal-specific project, building skills and abilities to realise the achievement of this goal. This goal must positively impact the business and team in a tangible, measurable way.

Example 2 | People Leadership Fundamentals
The goal of this program is to work with emerging and existing leaders on six key development areas. The focus is on application of skills, supported by an eLearning module and pre and post workshop tasks. The ‘train the trainer’ workshop sets up business leaders with the skills to facilitate this program in the second roll out.

Example 3 | Human Leadership Intensive
The goal of this program is to get into the heart of who each person is and where they lead from. By understanding the truth of each leader and what impact they want to make on their work and their people, it inspires empathy. The leadership group can start to understand each other’s unique style, leading to more positive, cohesive bonds.

Program Outline

Delivery Options

In Person Program

Virtual Program

Hybrid Program

Key Outcomes

1. Leaders who understand who their team members are

2. Leaders who demonstrate empathy to connect with team members

3. Leaders who inspire better relationships between team members

4. Leaders who know how to motivate and inspire high performance

5. Leaders who coach their team members and support their development

Key inclusions

1. Training needs analysis

2. Program roadmap

3. Induction

4. Workshops

5. Tools for application

6. Group coaching

7. Final presentations

Optional inclusions

1. Welcome box

2. Activities (e.g. Hackathon)

3. 1:1 coaching

4. Participant management

5. Curated content library

6. Assets (e.g. eLearning, video)

7. Invitations to Thinka events

8. Hosting platform

9. Guest speakers

10. Train the trainer

11. 360 degree feedback

Target Audience


Let Thinka Help You

    Our in-person delivery option maximises opportunities for robust conversation, experiential activities and intensive group work. This is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ experience – our facilitators are skilled in presenting and leading immersive experiences that get the most out of people. Supported by multimedia, attractive takeaway pages and practical strategies for using back on the job – this in-person approach is valuable for building strong bonds and bringing people together to collaborate.
    Our virtual delivery option breathes fresh life into the online experience with its almost ‘radio show’ feel. Our expert facilitators use a combination of multimedia, questioning techniques and break out activities to target micro-skills – with a focus on application. Supported by an online platform hosting custom-built materials, participants can be assured of lively, dynamic sessions that have a distinct bias to action. Going virtual keeps program sessions succinct, sharp and focused on targeting particular skills in a dynamic way.
    A hybrid model takes the best of in-person and virtual delivery options and blends them together, so there’s a healthy mix of face to face collaboration and targeted skill building. Depending on the program themes, we work with you to decide what is better suited to getting together in a training space versus what would sit comfortably in an online setting. This flexible combination allows you and your team to get the best of both worlds.
    This audience includes ‘middle management’ leaders who support team members in capability building. The skills are geared toward increasing leadership effectiveness and driving performance in team members in modern work contexts. These skills are flexible and built to grow with individuals as they evolve in their leadership journeys.