Transformational Leadership Program

Build culture with transformational leadership skills

The objective of this program is to empower the executive team to transform business culture. By exploring business values and establishing a cultural framework, leaders work to embed and coach this through the business to enable transformation.

Thinka is very good at understanding our business and creating engaging content that will make an impact with our people.

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Example program

Month 1

Phase 1. Exploring business values

Questioning and validating current values.

  • In person workshop
  • Communities of practice
  • 1:1 coaching

Month 2

Phase 2. Establishing a cultural framework

Working through and setting up a cultural framework.

  • In person workshop
  • Communities of practice
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Video development

Month 3

Phase 3. Embedding the cultural framework

Working with leaders to embed the cultural framework.

  • In person workshop
  • Guest speaker
  • Communities of practice
  • 1:1 coaching

Month 4

Phase 4: Coaching cultural transformation

Coaching leaders to sustain the values and culture.

  • ‘Coaching the coach’ workshop
  • Communities of practice


Delivery Options

In Person Program

Virtual Program

Hybrid Program

Key Outcomes

1. Questioning of existing values and adjusting if required.

2. Values that are right for fulfilling the organisational purpose.

3. Diverse perspectives across the organisation on what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to culture.

4. Establishment of a cultural framework fit for diverse people across the organisation.

5. Coaching the cultural framework so that leaders and teams can engage in active transformation.

Possible Inclusions

1. Program roadmap

2. Induction

3. Welcome box

4. Workshops

5. Activities (e.g. Hackathon)

6. Guest speakers

7. Tools for application

8. Assets (e.g. eLearning, video)

9. Coaching

10. Participant management

Target Audience

Executive leaders

Let Thinka Help You

    Our in-person delivery option maximises opportunities for robust conversation, experiential activities and intensive group work. This is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ experience – our facilitators are skilled in presenting and leading immersive experiences that get the most out of people. Supported by multimedia, attractive takeaway pages and practical strategies for using back on the job – this in-person approach is valuable for building strong bonds and bringing people together to collaborate.
    Our virtual delivery option breathes fresh life into the online experience with its almost ‘radio show’ feel. Our expert facilitators use a combination of multimedia, questioning techniques and break out activities to target micro-skills – with a focus on application. Supported by an online platform hosting custom-built materials, participants can be assured of lively, dynamic sessions that have a distinct bias to action. Going virtual keeps program sessions succinct, sharp and focused on targeting particular skills in a dynamic way.
    A hybrid model takes the best of in-person and virtual delivery options and blends them together, so there’s a healthy mix of face to face collaboration and targeted skill building. Depending on the program themes, we work with you to decide what is better suited to getting together in a training space versus what would sit comfortably in an online setting. This flexible combination allows you and your team to get the best of both worlds.
    Executive leaders are key influencers of culture, and need to constructively set up middle managers, team leaders and teams with a strong sense of purpose and values. Data suggests that ‘great places to work’ and positive workplace climates have a direct impact on productivity levels, as people feel greater belonging and commitment.