Why do a Human Skills Program?

Tara Ridsdale

By Tara Ridsdale, Thinka Co-founder and Head of Client Experience,
20 March 2024

A human skills program is focussed on developing a set of soft skills like communication, adaptability and time management, and is geared toward practical application.

As part of a human skills program, leaders and teams walk away with useful strategies, tools and templates to apply new skills to their roles. Thinka has refined its human skills programs over years of working with organisations in industries like construction, retail, technology, health and education.

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What makes a Human Skills Program different?

These programs are built around activities, examples and strategies to help participants apply new skills right away.

A human skills program is made up of three or more workshops (in-person or virtual) from our human skills curriculum. Organisations can complement these workshops with coaching, ‘train the trainer’ sessions, and application tools to round out the program.

The Thinka team are well-versed in human skills development and are continually innovating based on the latest research and trends. Our aim to make the learning as current, relevant and practical as possible, so participants are clear on how to apply these skills in their roles.

Thinka’s facilitation team makes sure there’s stories and discussions throughout the program, so participants have enough context for developing their skills back on the job.

What results can you expect?

Thinka’s award-winning programs are proven to build capability in human skills.

Because of the practical nature of Thinka’s human skills programs, participants can apply strategies and practise skill development right away. Organisations can support the integration of skills development with team meeting packs, coaching, and engaging experiential activities.

Thinka’s capability analysis tool gives a quantitative measure of human skills capability in teams and organisations. This tool can be used by participants and their leaders to measure the rate of development over the course of the program.

We also provide other pieces of data back to the organisation, such as workshop feedback, participant commitments and facilitator insights. After the program, participants can access 3-min short ‘micro’ videos, practical guides and other resources to extend or continue their learning.


Best Capability Development Program
AITD Excellence Awards 2022

A Human Skills Program Example

Thinka’s human skills programs are made up of 4 or more skills workshops (virtual or in-person) but may also have other elements such as coaching, meeting packs and templates – to form the best learning solution for the organisation’s requirements.

Before Program

  • Capability Analysis Assessment
  • Onboarding information

Skill A (e.g. Communication)

  • Workshop (In-person)
  • Meeting pack (to run an activity and debrief with team members)

Skill B (e.g. Coaching)

  • Workshop (Virtual)
  • Coaching conversation template

Skill C (e.g. Feedback)

  • Workshop (Virtual)
  • Feedback guide with prompts

After program

  • Capability Analysis Assessment
  • Access to video refreshers, tools and events

Do you want to see all the skills you can choose from to make up your human skills program?

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