Activate your power

Strengths & Self-awareness Workshop

How to play to your strengths, become more self-aware and emotionally connect.

We love your natural, down to earth, authentic style.

Multiplex | July 2019

What Topics?

Mix and match topics to create the length of workshop you need.

Strength Finder

How to use the 34 Clifton Strengths to find your superpower.

Emotional Hijacking

How to avoid getting emotionally hijacked and maintain self-control.


How to acquire a deeper understanding of yourself and how you show up.

Emotional Intelligence

How to use emotional intelligence to tune into yourself and others.

Understanding Blindspots

How to uncover your blind spots – bring issues from the shadows to the light.


How to use regulation strategies to keep calm and in emotional control.

Results from this program?


Teams who deeply understand each other.


Team members who know their ‘best’ & ‘worst’ selves.


Individuals with improved ei and greater self-control.

The Fine Print

Run on-site, at a location selected by you, for groups of 8–30 per workshop.

What’s included?

  • Pre-workshop ‘one-pager’ to be sent out to all participants with details of what to complete prior to the workshop.
  • All resources including participant takeaway sheets.
  • Facilitation of the workshop on-site at a location selected by you.
  • A highly skilled, experienced and entertaining facilitator.
  • Post-workshop ‘one-pager’ that includes what work needs to be done after the workshop.
  • Client meetings and project management included.

Capability MetER

Are you building capability for the future of work?

Skills Source: Future Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

How does this program stack up against the (human) skills required for the future?

Complex problem-solving




Coordinating with others


Judgement and decision-making




Critical thinking


People management


Emotional intelligence


Service orientation


Cognitive flexibility


What we’re often asked

What are the practical results I’ll get from this program?

  • A better understanding of where team members’ strengths lie.
  • Team members who have strategies for dealing with emotions and who exercise greater self-control.
  • Team members who are more aware of their blind spots and deficiencies, and can take responsibility for them.

Can I change the structure of the program?

  • Yes, we can tailor a package to focus on specific problem areas for your team.

How can I be sure it will work?

  • We teach user-friendly strategies that teams can introduce to effectively respond rather than thoughtlessly reacting.