Do you want to push your team to new limits? Above and beyond?

Quite an exceptional approach to learning.

The Good Guys | September 2018

How does it work?

Throughout a five-hour session, your team will learn how to code the game Space Invaders, from scratch.

PHASE 1 | The Basics

Teams are set up, captains identified, and key roles assigned – now for the basics of coding.

PHASE 2 | Down and Dirty

Teams get busy coding, using the support team for guidance, every person will code. There is no room for passengers.

PHASE 3 | Collaboration Round

Teams can get up, ask around, seek answers and collaborate. It’s all about shared skills and knowledge.

PHASE 4 | Main Round

Individuals produce their best product, then show it off to their team, and the best design and code goes into the competition round.

PHASE 5 | Competition Round

Teams all collaborate on the best design, then, the room votes on the overall winner, in a first-past-the-post style finish!

STAGE 6 | Debrief and Reflection

Of course, no deep dive into behaviour would be complete without a debrief. This (and an individual self-reflection) is a crucial part of any experiential activity.

Results from this activity?


The growth mindset in action and practice.


A dynamic, collegial feel to getting a result.


A unified team all working towards a result.

The Fine Print

Run onsite, at a location picked by you, for groups up to 100.

What’s included?

  • Pre-Take-Off ‘one-pager’ to be sent out to all participants prior to the workshop with essential information;
  • All resources including event theming and banners to give the room atmosphere and excitement;
  • A highly skilled, experienced and entertaining facilitator;
  • Design collaboration on what the most important key messages are;
  • Client meetings and project management included.

Capability MetER

Are you building capability for the future of work?

Skills Source: Future Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

How does this program stack up against the (human) skills required for the future?

Complex problem-solving




Coordinating with others


Judgement and decision-making




Critical thinking


People management


Emotional intelligence


Service orientation


Cognitive flexibility


What we’re often asked

What are the practical results I’ll get from this program?

  • A coded Space Invaders game, with the new skills for the basics of code.
  • Teams that are united behind a new set of skills, with a deeper understanding of the innovation cycle.

Can I change the structure of the program?

  • Yes, you can complete this session in three hours or across an entire day.

How can I be sure it will work?

  • This activity has never failed to get a result. It might not be an exceptionally coded game, but it will unearth new skills.