How do you get your people to bounce out of bed?
The alignment of purpose and performance.


Increase the productivity of your team


Achieve a greater level of business results


Have the winning feeling, week in, week out


(30 minutes, online)

A 30-minute activity each participant will need to complete 1 week prior to the workshop.

This pre-work will be a 10-question survey that will ascertain the current attitudes and engagement of the team.


(5 hours, face to face)

A 5-hour workshop using stories and experience based learning.

This workshop will be focused on the results from the pre-work, the application of ‘purpose and performance’ and what the desired results were trying to achieve.


(5 hours, face to face)

A 5-hour workshop using results based learning.

This workshop will be focused on setting out what each individual needs to do to excel, and what the team needs to do together to achieve greater results.


(1 hour, online)

A 1-hour activity each participant will need to complete within 1 month after the final workshop.

This follow up activity will be a self-reflection on ‘your role, your purpose’ and will determine how each person will enable the performance of the team.

FAQ’s about
this program

What are the practical results I’ll get from this program?

  • Each team member will leave with their 1 page ‘purpose’ framework.
  • Each team member will leave with a set of habits they need to ‘Build’ and ‘Bust’.
  • The team as a whole will have a set of ‘Routines and Rituals’ that will drive the culture of the team.
  • The team as a whole will have a ‘Team Statement’ that they can live by.

Can I change the structure of the program?

  • You can, we can add another workshop, or shorten the time, however pre-work and follow up will always be required to allow for transfer of learning.

How can I be sure it will work?

  • We can never really be sure people will ‘choose’ to learn, however we use experience based activities and immersive learning to give it the highest chance of success.

Results from this program


A more determined and results focused team


A team committed to both individual and business success


A boost in motivation and team culture

noun_Quotation Mark_136183_00b3dc


National Learning & Development Manager | The Good Guys

“Using experiential activities, we are building positive behaviours and achieving win-win results. Our leaders have been encouraged to look at their own behaviours, and make changes where required. This has led to increased self-awareness, collaboration and higher performance.”

noun_Quotation Mark_136183_00b3dc


ANZ General Manager | Boardriders

“With 4 days of face to face workshops, we were able to align regional and store managers’ behaviours and push for higher results. We raised the level of accountability and drove new knowledge and skills to enhance the performance of our leaders. Each Manager went back to their store with a new toolkit to take team performance to a new level. Ben was a perfect cultural partner to help us drive this positive change in our organisation.”

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