AITD Excellence Awards

Best Blended Learning Solution – Winner

Best Diversity and Inclusion Program – Winner

Best Onboarding/Induction Program – Winner

The Thinka team worked with Multiplex and DH Media on ‘Appropriate Workplace Behaviour’ – a blended program featuring a high-quality digital solution and supporting workshop. We collaborated with Carsales on an integrated program to embed a diversity and inclusion lens in their hybrid working ‘autonomy to choose’ approach. Finally, Built engaged us and DH Media to work on ‘Safely Always: Safety Foundations’ – an engaging digital solution to educate new employees on Built’s safety approach. These partners all won their categories at the 2023 AITD Excellence Awards and we are proud to have partnered on these highly impactful projects.


AITD Excellence Awards: Best Capability Development Program – Finalist

Thinka, in collaboration with H&H Group, is a finalist in the ‘Best Capability Development Program’ for the Think Like a Disruptor (TLAD) Collective program. This program focused on building innovation capability in the organisation – from skills in ideation and creativity all the way through to agility and execution. The capstone event was a ‘Shark Tank’ experiential activity where groups presented solutions to the business they’d worked on throughout the program in a bid to attract funding.


AITD Excellence Awards: Best Use of Technology for Learning – Finalist

Thinka, in collaboration with Multiplex, is a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Technology for Learning’ category for ‘Managing People the Multiplex Way’. This interactive module helps new managers identify development paths using a custom-built self-assessment that generates a personalised report detailing priority capability areas.


Business Excellence Awards: Business of the Year – Winner

Business Excellence Awards: Professional Services – Winner

Business Excellence Awards: Customer Focussed – Finalist

Thinka won the Bendigo Business of the Year for 2021. This is awarded to a business considered an “all-rounder” with superior performance and business excellence in all aspects.

Thinka also won the ‘Professional Services’ category that recognises businesses who demonstrate excellence in customised, knowledge-based services. Thinka was a finalist in the ‘Customer Focussed’ category that recognises businesses who go above and beyond for their customers, demonstrate innovation and drive repeat business. 


World Media Festival Intermedia-Globe Gold – Winner

In collaboration with Multiplex and DH Media, Thinka won an intermedia-globe Gold award for the ‘Health and Safety at Multiplex’ project. Learn more about this project in our Portfolio.


AITD Excellence Awards: Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning – Winner

AITD Excellence Awards: Best Onboarding/Induction Program – Finalist

In collaboration with Multiplex and DH Media, Thinka won the AITD Excellence Awards: ‘Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning’ for the development of ‘Health and Safety at Multiplex’; an interactive video experience giving new starters a fresh and immersive approach to this topic. This project was also recognised in the ‘Best Onboarding/Induction Program’ category.


Small Business Champions – Finalist

Thinka was a finalist in the category of ‘Business Services’ in the Small Business Champion Awards for 2020, designed to recognise excellence in the delivery of business to business (B2B) services.


Business Excellence Awards – Winner

Thinka won the ‘small and succeeding’ category, designed for businesses punching above their weight in terms of their ability to grow and connect with clients and customers.


AITD Excellence Awards: Best Leadership Development Program – Finalist

In collaboration with The Good Guys and ActReal, the Ignite Leadership Program was recognised in the Best Leadership Development Program category at the AITD Excellence Awards. The award represents a ‘best in class’ approach to leadership development.