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How can we encourage teams to think differently and share their ideas without being swayed by others?

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?


What makes an introvert or extrovert tick? Are we really one or the other or are we in fact, ambiverts?

Negativity Bias and Reframing


How can we overcome our bias to hone in on the ‘bad’ and reframe using constructive statements that open up possibilities?

The Dip


How can we break through resistance when we’re trying to make changes and ride out ‘the dip’ to make new habits permanent?

Thinking Styles


What’s the difference between divergent and convergent thinking and what value do both styles bring to our teams’ success?

Tough Conversations


What is the best way to handle a tough conversation with a team member and what key things do we need to do as leaders to show ‘we’ve got it’?

Growth Versus Fixed Mindset


What is a growth mindset and how does the power of application and effort make a big difference to our success?

Communication Styles


How does being assertive, rather than defaulting to other unconstructive communication styles, make a difference to our relationships?

Tiny Habits


We don’t have to be overwhelmed by big goals and huge changes. We can break these down in ‘tiny habits’ – small tweaks that make a big difference.

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