Do you want next level negotiation, influence and creativity capability?

Quite an exceptional approach to learning.

The Good Guys | February 2018

How does it work?

You’ve just become the government of one of the European Union states, now you need to trade your goods and services to make your economy grow. Can you do it?

STAGE 1 | Government Setup

The group is divided into countries, you’ll all be given a certain number of commodities, you’ll need to decide who plays what role in your government.

STAGE 2 | Trade Rounds 1 - 4

Each group is required to trade goods and services to make a balanced economy, but who’s playing win-win and who’s playing win-lose?

STAGE 3 | Economic Downturn

The group is required to counterbalance a decline in the economy; you need to weather the storm, tough decisions need to be made. Have you got what it takes?

STAGE 4 | Trade Rounds 5 - 8

The group will experience three fast-paced trade rounds, where the central government and bank will throw a series of curved balls that you need to react and respond to.

STAGE 5 | Final Round

In the final round, the teams need to end up with a balanced trade account and all of the commodities required to run a successful country. Who has correctly used their powers of negotiation and influence?

STAGE 6 | Debrief and Reflection

Of course, no deep dive into behaviour would be complete without a debrief. This (and an individual self-reflection) is a crucial part of any experiential activity.

Results from this activity?


A deep understanding of negotiation and influence.


A team THAT know ITS competitive blind spots.


An organisational REALISATION AND ethos that we ‘are better together’.

The Fine Print

Run onsite, at a location picked by you, for groups up to 100.

What’s included?

  • Facilitation of the workshop on-site, or at a location selected by you;
  • All resources including event theming and banners to give the room atmosphere and excitement;
  • A highly skilled, experienced and entertaining facilitator;
  • Design collaboration on what the most important key messages are;
  • Client meetings and project management included.

Capability MetER

Are you building capability for the future of work?

Skills Source: Future Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

How does this program stack up against the (human) skills required for the future?

Complex problem-solving




Coordinating with others


Judgement and decision-making




Critical thinking


People management


Emotional intelligence


Service orientation


Cognitive flexibility


What we’re often asked

What are the practical results I’ll get from this program?

  • Teams that practise a deep application of negotiation and influence.
  • A team that knows how they can work together, and what WIN-WIN looks like.
  • A snapshot of individual behaviour and what each person needs to be aware of.

Can I change the structure of the program?

  • Yes, you can complete the activity in three hours or across an entire day.

How can I be sure it will work?

  • This activity has never failed to get a result, it instils a WIN-WIN ethos.