Why do a ‘Train the Trainer’ program?

A Train the Trainer program helps leaders facilitate the delivery of content in engaging ways.

As part of a Train the Trainer program, leaders become familiar with a variety of facilitation techniques for effective audience engagement. Our highly skilled facilitators draw on years of experience across different industries and in organisations, to offer practical tips and strategies that work.

Our facilitators understand the intricacies of organisational culture and leadership, and work with leaders and managers at all levels; from executives to middle managers to frontline leaders.

Examples of Thinka’s Train the Trainer Programs

Facilitation skills for Leaders

A Thinka facilitator works with leaders on practical skills to run action-focussed meetings, deliver quality presentations or roll out team activities –contextualised for a virtual or in-person environment as required.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Content immersion for Leaders

A Thinka facilitator communicates the learning content to leaders, so they can see how to deliver it to teams in their organisation. The focus is on practical application, activities and storytelling for maximum engagement.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Tools to support a content roll-out

The Thinka team produces high quality solutions such as team meeting packs, eLearning modules, videos and templates to support leaders in integrating new behaviours and skills.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Coaching skills for Leaders

A Thinka coach works with leaders to build their coaching capability for boosting performance. Leaders learn practical skills like how to ask good questions and read verbal and non-verbal cues.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

What results can you expect from a ‘Train the Trainer’ Program?

Your leaders will develop quality training skills that appeal to modern learners, geared toward action and practical application.

Depending on the leadership audience and objectives, outcomes could be very different. You might want to help leaders roll-out new initiatives across your organisation, train leaders in coaching skills to boost performance, or improve your leaders’ facilitation skills for better meetings.

See example ‘Train the Trainer’ resources.

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