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Carolyne French

By Carolyne French, Head of Program Learning and Clifton-Strengths Accredited Coach,
1 July 2024

Why do a ‘Train the Trainer’ program?

As part of a Train the Trainer program, leaders become familiar with a variety of facilitation techniques for effective audience engagement. Our highly skilled facilitators draw on years of experience across different industries and in organisations in Australia, to offer practical tips and strategies that work for training sessions.

Our facilitators understand the intricacies of organisational culture and learning and development, and work with leaders and managers at all levels; from executives to middle managers to frontline leaders. They have delivered highly-rated learning experiences themselves and have excellent communication skills and presentation skills.

Thinka’s facilitators believe in practical, hands-on approaches to training and are good with both the fundamentals and more sophisticated training methods. They understand the importance of sound training design for both online training and in-person learning experiences.

Examples of Thinka’s Train the Trainer Programs

Facilitation skills for leaders

A Thinka facilitator works with leaders/trainers on practical skills to run action-focussed meetings, deliver quality presentations or roll out team activities – contextualised for a virtual or in-person environment as required. In this workshop, there is a focus on presentation skills, time management for training sessions, and adult learning principles. The session can focus on generalist facilitation skills or hone in on specific training needs and competencies for the cohort.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Content immersion for leaders

A Thinka facilitator demonstrates how the learning content should be trained, so leaders/trainers can see how to deliver it to their teams. The focus is on practical application, learning activities and storytelling for maximum engagement. In this type of session, Thinka’s facilitator will ask trainers to demonstration facilitation of the content for feedback and empower them with suggestions on body language, presentation skills and how to engage learners.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Tools to support a content roll-out

The Thinka team produces high-quality solutions such as team meeting packs, eLearning modules, videos, and templates to support organisations in integrating new skills and behaviours. This session is focussed on leaders/trainers understanding how to use the tool/s for introducing content to their teams in training sessions. The focus is on developing effective facilitation skills for team professional development.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

Coaching skills for leaders

A Thinka coach works with leaders to build their coaching capability for boosting performance in their direct reports. Leaders learn practical skills like assertiveness, how to ask good questions and read verbal and non-verbal cues. New skills in coaching help leaders empower the professional development of their direct reports so they can excel in performance and team contribution.

Up to 25 participants
Virtual or In-person

What results can you expect from a ‘Train the Trainer’ Program?

As part of this training course, leaders/trainers will develop quality training skills that appeal to modern learners, and that are geared toward action and practical application. When your leaders are expert trainers, you know that your employees are accessing both the technical and professional development support they need – so they can better meet the expectations of the organisation in relation to capability and performance.

Depending on the leadership audience being upskilled in effective training skills and the training program objectives, outcomes could be very different. For example, you might want to help leaders/trainers roll-out new initiatives across your organisation, train leaders in coaching skills to boost performance, or improve your leaders’ facilitation skills for better meetings.

In any case, focussing on growing capability in communication skills and presentation skills is only going to improve relationships between leaders and their direct reports and empower team performance. Great training skills are an asset for any organisation – workplace training shouldn’t be just an event but something that happens continually, so teams are empowered and supported.

A ‘Train the Trainer’ case study

Working with Dorsett Hotels

1. What was the objective?

In early 2023, Dorsett Hotels opened the doors to their brand new hotel in Melbourne. They already had over 20 established venues across Asia, Europe and Australia, but the Melbourne hotel offered exciting new possibilities to revolutionise the way staff work together and flex between roles to deliver an exceptional guest experience. The Dorsett Melbourne team wanted to hit the ground running, so we worked with them ahead of the launch to translate their vision, mission and values into practical strategies that would take the guest experience to the next level.

2. How did we do it?

We started with a Design Thinking session with the executive team to understand their vision for the Melbourne venue and their new approach to hospitality. From this, we facilitated a workshop to support the executive team to explore their unique value proposition and co-create a personalised Vision, Mission and Values framework for the new Melbourne paradigm. Finally, we took the outcomes of the executive workshop and created full-day ‘Train the Trainer’ event, which was designed to educate the Dorsett Melbourne HR team on how to train new staff to deliver the best guest experience. The event emphasised scenarios, case studies and interactive activities that would help employees take ownership of the Dorsett’s unique Vision, Mission and Values to personalise the guest experience.

3. How was it integrated and what were the results?

The HR team have taken their learning and gone on to induct the new Dorsett Melbourne team. Staff learn how to practically embody the Dorsett Vision, Mission and Values, and are empowered to flex between roles with greater autonomy to accommodate guests’ individual needs. Living their values and keeping the guest experience at the centre of everything they do has allowed the team to create magical moments and memories for the guests of Dorsett Melbourne.

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