Training Needs Analysis

Thinka’s Capability Analysis helps you identify skills gaps and development needs for your people.

One of the biggest pain points for Australian organisations is figuring out the specific development needs of individual team members. Thinka has years of experience, working with organisations across Australia, and we know that the personalisation of learner journeys is critical to enhanced job performance. Desired outcomes are always better achieved when learning programs are specific and relevant to both the company’s goals and individual employees.

This is why we’ve built the capability analysis tool – to give organisations a starting point when figuring out employee training needs. The tool also has an option for self-assessment, so you can take a look at the specific skills you need to address performance gaps. The tool will help you build a development plan that identifies specific training options. Importantly, the skill sets are listed in priority order, so you know what to pay attention to first and the type of training to start with.


Who should do the capability analysis?

The capability analysis is helpful for those in human resources, people and culture, and learning and development teams when identifying required skills, required knowledge and required competencies – especially when there is no real organisational data to help them inform training plans. Investment in employee development can help organisations achieve their business goals and boost employee engagement and retention.

The capability analysis can also be used by leaders to identify skills training solutions for their direct reports and by individual employees to identify their own development needs.

How long does it take to do the capability analysis?

The capability analysis is a training needs assessment and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It’s a questionnaire that’s easy to navigate and relies on user-friendly language to make it easy to work through for all different skill levels. When the participant has finished the survey, it collates the data and issues a free report that identifies priority soft skills, behaviours and training goals that will help the participant build a development plan.

How was the capability analysis developed?
The capability analysis was developed after extensive research into employee performance and the soft skills (or ‘human skills’) that modern organisations need. Thinka is an award winning Learning and Development business with years of experience working with Australian organisations, specialising in effective training programs related to human (soft) skills.
What do you do with the results from the capability analysis?

The capability analysis identifies development needs for a range of stakeholders across executive, leader and team member levels in a variety of job roles. These development needs can be matched to the right training needs – either developed in-house by your own organisation or you might like to enquire about Thinka’s list of human skills workshops that specialise in soft skills development.