Unconscious Bias Training

Employees around Australia report that they still deal with bias regularly

The goal of this training is to help organisations understand the impact of unconscious bias and how it negatively impacts interactions and decision-making. Bias can be both conscious and unconscious (often perpetrated without malicious intent) – but both have a damaging effect on things like recruitment, access to opportunities, and succession. To make sure your organisation is equitable, people need to first become aware of their biases, so that systems, processes and decision-making can change.

Learn more about unconscious bias in this short 3-minute video.

Example program

Workshop 1

Raising awareness of types of unconscious bias and their impacts.

  • Explanation of the types of unconscious bias (e.g., affinity bias, proximity bias)
  • Activities for participants to identify and explore their own biases
  • Debriefing and commitment-setting to disrupt bias and start the change

Workshop 2

Going deep and investigating systems and processes to make deeper change.

  • Revisiting the types of unconscious bias and identify systems and processes at risk.
  • Design ways to change systems and processes for equity and fairness.
  • Build a communication plan to roll-out these changes across the business.

    PROGRAM Outline

    Delivery Options

    In Person Program

    In Person

    Virtual Program


    Key Outcomes

    1. Participants understand the types of unconscious bias.

    2. Participants recognise unconscious bias in their own behaviour.

    3. Participants review current systems and processes for bias.

    4. Participants identify strategies and actions for change.

    5. Participants design a comms plan to roll out to the business.

    Possible Inclusions

    1. Activities

    2. Guest speakers

    3. Tools for application

    4. Assets (e.g. eLearning, video)

    5. Coaching

    6. Participant management

    7. Consulting on change management

    8. Comms plan design

    9. Meeting packs

    10. Follow-up support

    Target Audience

    Business-wide or a specific learning audience

    Let Thinka Help You

      Our in-person delivery option maximises opportunities for robust conversation, experiential activities and intensive group work. This is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ experience – our facilitators are skilled in presenting and leading immersive experiences that get the most out of people. Supported by multimedia, attractive takeaway pages and practical strategies for using back on the job – this in-person approach is valuable for building strong bonds and bringing people together to collaborate.
      Our virtual delivery option breathes fresh life into the online experience with its almost ‘radio show’ feel. Our expert facilitators use a combination of multimedia, questioning techniques and break out activities to target micro-skills – with a focus on application. Supported by an online platform hosting custom-built materials, participants can be assured of lively, dynamic sessions that have a distinct bias to action. Going virtual keeps program sessions succinct, sharp and focused on targeting particular skills in a dynamic way.
      Unconscious bias training can be rolled out to a whole business or can be tiered to meet audiences, e.g., team members, leaders or executives (as each audience will have a different level of responsibility with regard to actions and managing change)