VIDEO: How to keep your eLearning content engaging

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I often get asked ‘How can you keep eLearning engaging?’. So here are my 5 key tips to ensure your eLearning is appealing for the learner…

  1. The three C’s – Keep it CLEAR, CONCISE and CHUNKED
  2. Curation – Incorporate other sources of information to create diversity of opinion
  3. Use inflection in your tone
  4. Use storytelling and anecdotes
  5. Test the user experience to ensure it is seamless for the learner

Watch the full video to learn more!

I hope you found these tips helpful. Stay tuned for more, as this is the first of many videos on how you can design and develop effective eLearning.

Ben Roulston – THINKA Co-founder, Growth

As follow-up, participants apply what they learn and leaders coach using the coaching cards provided, offering feedback to improve both team and individual performances. In due course, participants discuss what has changed, improvements or continued ‘roadblocks’ with their leader.

Follow up

(period defined by the business, with reflection and discussion)

A 5-hour workshop where we look at how leaders can work with teams on motivating, coaching and setting standards in effective ways.


Participants see how important communication and collaboration is when getting results. They learn how to work with each other to build positive store culture and design effective systems and processes.

Workshop 3

(5 hours, face to face)

As part of pre-work, each participant completes a survey that highlights what aspects of customer experience they’re comfortable with and what needs work. This influences the design of the program and its priority areas.


(30 minutes, online)

A 5-hour workshop where we work through the fundamentals of an outstanding customer experience from end-to-end.


Participants learn more about their ‘ideal customers’ and the typical journeys they go through, and how to design experiences that work for these customers.

Workshop 1

(5 hours, face to face)

A 5-hour workshop where we align the values, behaviours and actions required for an outstanding customer experience.


Participants see how to embed the values and behaviours of their business in practical ways – to improve customer interactions and promote long-term loyalty.

Workshop 2

(5 hours, face to face)

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