Video Production

We make sharp videos and can spice it up with a good measure of humour. We steer clear of the boring – real is the key.

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Stage II | January 2019

What Can We Do?

A short explainer to a full-scale production, we’ve got all the elements at our fingertips, even hair and makeup.

We’ve shot video in some of the weirdest locations, can you top it?

Video iS our jam, let’s do this

  • Develop concepts and script videos
  • Develop storyboards
  • Scout for locations and create sets
  • Brief and manage talent
  • Direct, shoot and edit videos
  • Work collaboratively in the review process

Less talk, more action

A Client Snapshot

What We Did

We scripted and filmed 22 x three-minute videos that demonstrated to 700 salespeople what high-performance behaviour looked like.

The Results We Achieved

  1. Increase in team and individual salespeople’s KPIs.
  2. Clear demonstration of what ‘high performance’ looks like.
  3. Engaging, short-form videos that appealed to millennial audiences.

The client said

“We embarked on a project to get all of our stylists applying our sales formula correctly. Using video meant we were able to communicate the why, what and how across stores nationally.”

Irene, Head of Human Resources, Bardot


What Results?


Demonstrate what ‘great’ looks like across your organisation.


Align behaviour through videos that demonstrate expectations.


Don’t just tell – show people what ‘great’ looks like.

What types of video have we produced?


Behaviours in action, pointing out all the dos and don’ts.


How-to videos with graphic overlays for rich user-experience.


Capturing essential messages and packing into short, slick segments.