What We Do

Here you’ll find our workshops, activities, programs and customised solutions.


A quick and practical workshop


An activity to understand behaviour


An immersive leadership program


A specific solution to meet your need



1 hour to 1 day, 6 to 60 people.
Run face-to-face or virtual.

Activate your power

Strengths & Self-awareness Workshop

How to play to your strengths, become more self-aware and emotionally connect.

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Master your grit

Resilience & Tenacity Workshop

How to become resilient and tenacious when it matters most.

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Unearth your why

Inspiration & Purpose Workshop

How to align personal and organisational purpose.

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Fill your bucket

Health & Wellness Workshop

How to use daily rituals to feel good and find focus.

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Love your tribe

Customers & Experience Workshop

How to deliver an exceptional customer experience, every time.

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Wow your audience

Presentations & Speaking Workshop

How to deliver your message, make it real and engage your audience.

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Find your rhythm

Time & Priorities Workshop

How to make time work for you and work smarter not harder.

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Assert your voice

Communication & Conflict Workshop

How to be a great communicator and resolve conflict.

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2 hours to 1 day, 10 to 200 people.

Hack-a-thon activity

Do you have a complex problem you’d like your team to solve?

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The winners’ circle activity

Who doesn’t want a culture of WIN-WIN in their organisation?

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Trade-off activity

Do you want next level negotiation, influence and creativity capability?

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Take-off activity

Do you want to push your team to new limits? Above and beyond?

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Run over 8 months, up to 24 people per intake.
Run face-to-face or virtual.

Human leadership

Leadership & Performance Program

The future of leadership is human – we need to prepare our leadership capability for the future of work.

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A specific solution for your needs.
This work can be done remotely.

Modern content design

We create learning content; well-designed and beautifully-written learning content.

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Bold group facilitation

We’ll take you on a journey full of storytelling and experimentation.

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Edgy online learning

We love graphics and visual language; we love to make learning ‘pop’.

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Slick video production

We make sharp videos and can spice it up with a good measure of humour. We steer clear of the boring – real is the key.

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Clever animation development

We know how to appeal to people’s longing for stories. We bring your key messages to life with words, images and movement.

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Expert learning strategy

We co-create strategies that amplify your learning brand and achieve higher performance.

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