Workplace Culture Training

What’s the value of a building a thriving culture?

Thinka’s Workplace Culture Training Programs help organisations build healthy, thriving and productive cultures – ready for the future of work.

Thinka partners with organisations all around Australia to deliver programs to their teams, either virtually or in-person. The aim of these programs is for participants to understand how to change or modify behaviour to have a positive impact on the organisation’s culture.

We focus on topics like: working constructively in a hybrid environment, embedding diversity and inclusion, and driving a Clifton-Strengths approach. We can also work with organisations to custom-build a program that meets their needs.

In Thinka’s Workplace Culture Training Programs, there’s a focus on activities, case studies and practical examples, so participants have plenty of communication skills and strategies to build positive workplace culture in their own organisation.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

The goal of this training is to help organisations educate their workforce on appreciating social differences such as: gender diversity, cultural differences, age diversity, disability and neurodiversity. Awareness training helps employees understand how to relate to others in more meaningful ways with a respect for the organisation’s values and standards of behaviour.

Unconscious Bias Training

The goal of this training is to help organisations understand the impact of unconscious bias and how it negatively impacts interactions and decision-making. Cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity is crucial in today’s workplaces, so that different cultures are understood and appreciated – leading to higher levels of engagement and retention.

Inclusive Leadership Program

The goal of this program is for leaders to build inclusive leadership behaviours that support people who are often excluded or under-represented in the workplace. Cross-cultural training and an appreciation of diversity is essential for leaders to break down barriers and positively impact their team’s own culture.

Women in Leadership Program

The goal of this program is to empower women in leadership positions to cultivate their executive presence. Leaders will focus on developing assertiveness and exerting influence. All-women leadership training courses allow for safe sharing, coaching and mentoring – to boost both confidence and capability.

Clifton-Strengths Training

The goal of this training is for employees to get to know themselves and each other’s strengths to improve their relationships. Clifton-Strengths training is usually made up of intensive workshops, coaching and support tools to help employees adopt a strengths-based approach.

Workplace Culture Single Workshop

The goal of this workshop supports organisations to build positive workplace culture by aligning values with behaviours, so that leaders and teams are clear on expectations.This workshop helps with setting up a culture framework in line with purpose, mission, vision and values.

Advance Diversity Single Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to collaborate with executive leaders on practical ways to embed diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation. The focus is not just on cultural diversity but diversity related to gender, age, ability, and supporting the LGBTIQA+ community as well. This workshop can help to support a broader focus on D&I strategy with practical measures.

Foster Inclusion Single Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate what inclusion looks like so leaders can focus on cultivating behaviours and strategies to promote inclusion in their teams. The key is to develop cultural competence and an understanding of how to support team members during onboarding and all the way through their career.

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